"phisticate." Sophisticated. Different. 

This is a showroom that started its path by doing its own thing. Brands are chosen because they have their own paths. We love designers that think for themselves, and design from their "heart", so to speak.

The talent is just there.

So whether they make belts, shoes, mocs, or clothes; if it fits our vision, we have it.

We want to make your shoppe the most successful one out there. We want you to have brands that will stick out near the others, and that will guarantee a for sure sell.

We want the retail customer coming in and getting excited with the look, quality, and design of the item they are buying.

Basically, we search for the best, so that the brand can be successful, the shop can be successful, and the retail customer happy. That is our goal. Your success is our success.

Thanks all for your support and looking forward to continue setting trends in the children's wear market. Honored to be the leader, and innovator. Never looking to see what others do. Just what we feel and know is needed in the industry.

We love what we do, and appreciate all people that choose to do business with us.

Merci! Gracias! Thanks!

Our Story

So, the most asked question we get is; how and why did you start this? 10 years ago, when we started this, shopping for my little guys was a bore. It was the same old design every season, no excitement, nothing different.

We decided to do something about it. 

Starting with LIHO London, which has such innovative, interesting cuts, we started a revolution. The first season sold out in days.

Cuz, it was unique. It hadn't been seen.

We realized that we were onto something. Others were also interested in something new?

Then we were after those designers that had something new and refreshing to offer. And that has remained our vision to this day.

And there definitely has been a rise in shoppes that are catering to that idea as of late; and obviously the retail customers want that as well. We will continue to keep our brands refreshing, and be on top of the game to get you, the shoppes, to be able to offer something refreshing and exciting each season.

Our promise!

CEO, 'phisticate