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Our W19 Selling Campaign.

What differentiates ‘phisticate from other showrooms?

We try our best to not be a “showroom”, so to speak. We care about each and every one of our brands very much. We bring in a curated selection. Each brand is chosen for a different reason.

Coming into our showroom is more of a boutique showroom experience, meaning that we want to stay “small.” We do not want to be “corporate”, so to speak. We want each customer feeling that we really care if you sell the product well. Not just getting you to buy. This is our mantra. Buying so you can sell.

On the other hand, each and every brand gets our undivided attention, and we place brands in the most well suited stores for each brand. We work with each brand so that they reach their full potential in the US market. We want both vendors, and shoppes to have successful businesses. This is our goal.

We look forward to seeing you all at the showroom and at the shows.

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