Belle Chiara


In BELLE CHIARA they trust in their own inspiration. They are inspired by naturalness, comfortability, delicacy, careful work and handcrafted articles. Not what others are doing. Their own instinct. Which we love, and go after here at 'phisticate.

If something is special it has to be well done.

In BELLE CHIARA they bet on the highest quality raw materials and on their professional artisans from their country, Spain.

2009.  Belle Chiara started with a line of shoes for children, one of the first Spanish companies making custom shoes

2012. They launched their first kids fashion clothes collection, since then they have been offering the total look every season.

2013 They began to collaborate with other international trademarks such as their shoes supplier.

2016 Today they continue to grow, worldwide. And we at 'phisticate, are happy to be a part of that!